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7B IV's Story

Two and a half years ago, Melinda, Barrett and their two sons moved to Sandpoint, Idaho and immediately fell in love with the town. After Melinda started working at the Bonner General Hospital, she saw the need for mobile nursing care in the area. That was when in March of 2022, she started her mobile infusion therapy service practicing to deliver affordable medicine locally to help patient's bodies naturally heal and keep them well.

As the need for infusion therapy grew, Melinda and Barrett opened their on-site clinic in Sandpoint and eventually expanded to their new clinic in the spring of 2023.

As Melinda's passion to deliver natural healing grows, the clinic continues to expand, inviting inviting doctors, massage therapists, and other professionals to aid patients on their healing journey


Melinda's Story

Melinda Adams made the conscious choice to turn heartbreak into healing. After her daughter Trinity Melinda Adams had passed away from a rare heart condition, Melinda Adams became a nurse in honor of her daughter. Melinda worked in many nursing fields until her family moved to Sandpoint, Idaho to work at Bonner General Hospital

She felt the LORD had drawn her and her family to Sandpoint for a purpose, and when she saw the need for mobile nursing care, she understood why she was brought to this beautiful town. She started her local mobile infusion therapy service to help deliver healing to patients in their homes.

She practices medicine with the belief that the body is a beautiful, natural, organic creation from God with a strong,  natural ability to heal itself. With every passing day, her passion grows helping one patient at a time to pull out of their illness, back over to wellness.

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