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​Dr. Beebe Dericks is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor and Acupuncturist with a passion for women’s health and complex chronic illness. She has a focus on supporting women through every stage of life – from Menarche to menopause and beyond. Doctor Dericks is a trusted advisor for patients seeking hormone balance, relief from pelvic pain, fertility support, gastrointestinal wellness and recovery from mold illness and complex diagnoses.

Dericks Family Medicine

​Hot Shot’s medical infrared camera can provide cancer and cardiovascular risk assessments along with focal areas of concern. By measuring asymmetrical surface heat presentation, they can help identify areas of concerns.

Hot Shots Thermography

​Shielded Healing consults on homes, businesses, and for products of top biohacking companies to develop EMF shielded and healthy lighting products. At 7B-IV, Shielded Healing has not only tested and approved our saunas and red-light bed but also the entire clinic as an EMF-Shielded healing space.

Shielded Healing

​WE is a place for yogis like you. You know yourself. You feel your breath. You move your body. You cherish your soul. You are active. You are evolving. Gratitude is your mantra. Food is your medicine. You show up for the workout. You stay for the work-in. You are curious. You are hopeful. You are inspired.

WE Yoga

​Emmy, from Simple Elegance, is our Massage Therapist & Medical Aesthetician. Her practice helps relieve stress through relaxing therapeutic movement to help manage a health condition or enhance wellness by lowering stress, Increasing immune function, boosting mental health, managing pain, and improving physical fitness.

Simple Elegance


We partner with Sandpoint marketers from Like Media, a full service marketing and design agency. We worked with them for advertising and marketing working, websites, and digital and print magazines bring our advertising to life in our magazine publications.

Like Media

Our Partners

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